FAQ About Glycolic Acid and AHA's

Glycolic Acid is a natural substance derived from sugar cane. It is a member of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid family (AHA). Some of the well known are Citrus Acid from citrus fruit, Lactic Acid from sour milk, Tartaric Acid from wine and Malic Acid from apples. In times past women have used a variety of AHA's to smooth and soften the skin. Cleopatra's legendary smooth and beautiful skin is thought to have attributed to her penchant for milk baths. Camel milk perhaps?

Glycolic Acid is 100% non-toxic substance that does not enter the blood stream and has F.D.A. approval. No prescription is needed and it is not considered a drug. Glycolic Acid products can safely be used in the sun. Use sunscreen after Glycolic Acid is applied on your face in the day to prevent further photo aging.There are no undesired side-effects when used as directed.

Glycolic Acid has been proven to soften and smooth facial lines and wrinkles, to lighten unsightly age spots and freckles while reducing the signs of aging. Glycolic Acid oil-free  can dramatically reduce breakouts and help to repair acne scarring.

Our Glycolic Acid is in a fresh aloe vera base. Aloe Vera is a miracle healing plant that has been used for skin care for centuries. Soothing, healing and moisturizing, but completely non-greasy. Aloe Vera is incredibly effective for a wide range of skin problems. For all types skin.