Fruit Tonic Toner 2/23/2017 By Lindy Batis-Walsh

When you wash your face, especially if you are wearing make-up, use our new Fruit Tonic Toner.  When you wash your face there still can be a residue of make- up or  if you need for deeper cleansing, like after you work out. It's great to work out and perspire, but that goes back into skin and can cause break-outs. I suggest right after you work out to use Fruit Tonic Toner, you will see the extra dirt on the cotton ball. By the time you shower after working out, the perspiration has gone back into you pores. Put the Tonic in your bag with cotton balls and wipe down right after you work-out. The tonic is alcohol free and the coloring is from Beet Juice Root. It will balance your skin and keep you pores clean. Always Cruelty-Free. Please go to my web site for more

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