Never too young to start taking care of your skin

It is great that parents now are taking teenage acne seriously. There was a time when it was thought that you just have to grow out of it. Not so nowadays. Parents are  taking their kids for facials and getting them on a skin program to help them.

I see teenagers come in, they won't even look up, they are so embarrassed of their skin. They just want to hide away. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing these kid's look and feel good about themselves. They come in with their head up and very chatty about all that is going on in the lives. One girl who came to me had severe acne, would hardly look at me and never talked. She felt so badly about herself, she just wanted to hide away. After getting her on a proper skin care program and regular facials she completely changed when her skin cleared up. She would see me  and what a difference. Telling me everything that is going on in her life, she was even in the school play. Very rewarding for me. The's why I love this business of making people beautiful. One other thing important thing is to not use drying lotions.They just produce more oil   underneath the skin, the body compensates and pumps up more oil. Also, your top layer of skin can become very dry with oil pumping underneath.These are often blemishes that are underneath the skin and need to have professional take them out. Look at Oxygen Treatment, to kill all bacteria and Glycolic Acid to exfoliate the skin. Also, The Golden Hydra Aloe Mask is very healing. You can even leave it on overnight for rapid healing of acne and other irritations. Eat well, exercise, and be happy, Blessings, Lindy

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