Summer is over, time to change your routine.. I recommend MSM Night Repair Cream

Since it is colder in the winter, your skin needs more moisture then in summer. Good program in a cold environment. Cleanse with Cleansing Lotion, Bio-Active Serum and MSM Night Repair Cream. Hydra Aloe Mask is also very good. You can even sleep with if your skin is irritated. dry, redness or blemished. Another great product for dry skin is Carrot Oil. You can use Bio-Active Serum in the day over Hydrating Cream and at night use the Carrot Oil then MSM Night Repair Cream. Your skin will glow and feel  soft and nourished.Expect dramatic results. I always welcome your feedback or questions. Thank you, Lindy Blessings to all.


  • Posted by Deborah (Levin) Hansen on

    Hi Lindy!
    How are you? Could you, again, recommend some products for me? Do you have anything on sale? I am on a budget.
    My skin is a combination mess! Sensitive, aging, sun damaged, and dry and almost chapped from weather and gas heating. Thank you. Hope you are doing well.
    Debbie Levin Hansen

  • Posted by LindyWalsh on
    I understand your problem. I think it best we talk to go through what would help you. I just need some more info from you,where do you live? What is the climate, etc. Call me 424-245-4483 Yes, I am running some specials. When we talk I will give you prices. Thank you, blessings, Lindy I promise I can help you.

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