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  • Your New Natural Skin Care Anti-Aging Regimen

    Is it ever too early to begin an anti-aging regimen? Can it be too late to start taking proper care of your skin to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles? We at Naturally Lindy know that the answer to both these questions is a resounding, “No!” We have found that the secret to successfully combating aging has to do with the right combination of products and a dedication to using these products every day. If you would like to learn more about what we recommend when it comes to using our aloe vera skin care to combat aging, read on to learn more!

    Morning Routine

    In the morning, your face is a fresh canvas for the day. Whether you tend to use many makeup products or hardly any at all, a solid and healthy base can make all the difference in the face you show to the world. We recommend using the following aloe vera skin care products from Naturally Lindy for the best results:

    • Facial WashOur #1 seller for over 20 years, Naturally Lindy Facial Wash is a non-soap wash that cleanses gently and thoroughly without stripping your face, leaving skin glowing and fresh. The foundation of a healthy skin care program for most skin types, especially normal and oily skin. Replenish and renew your skin while cleaning with healthy ingredients to nurture your skin in all seasons, including Whole Leaf Aloe Vera, Goldenseal, Arnica, and Cucumber.
    • Bio-active Serum - This serum is so moisturizing and non-greasy that fine lines don’t stand a chance! It's so light, you can use it on acne-troubled skin. It totally melts into your skin and is ideal for even the most delicate areas. It’s also perfect for hair, hands, and nails for anti-aging assistance from head to toe. Moisture is the key to preventing aging and treating acne, and our serum was designed to hydrate your skin in the best and fastest way possible.  
    • Glycolic Moisturizer - Our glycolic moisturizer was made in three different concentrations to meet your needs. These moisturizers contain 100 percent botanical glycolic acid, and the glycolic acid has been shown to reduce acne scarring, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and help counteract hyperpigmentation.
    • Sunscreen - Protect your face as you take on the day! This sunscreen is loaded with antioxidants to prevent aging as much as possible.

    Nightly Routine

    • Cleaning lotion - Makeup remover can sometimes feel harsh and drying, but not with our cleansing lotion. While you use this aloe vera skin care lotion in the morning to clear away the dirt from the night before, we recommend that you use this lotion in the evening as well to wash away makeup and any dirt your face may have collected during the day.
    • Carrot oil - This lightweight facial oil is perfect for healing and regenerating purposes. The extracts inside are ideal when it comes to stimulating healthy cell growth and reducing wrinkles. You can use this alone or underneath moisturizer for the best results.
    • Retinol - If you are looking to defy aging and have the youthful skin of your dreams, it’s time to give our Retinol Treatment a try. It contains 1.25 percent retinol, which is the most active form of Vitamin A. It has been proven to prevent aging, increase cell renewal, reduce sun damage, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.
    • MSM Night Repair - If you have difficulty with dry skin, we recommend adding this night cream to your evening routine. With anti-aging and antioxidant nutrients that hydrate and repair the skin through the night, you will wake up with your face feeling moisturized and protected.

    The secret to preventing aging is a thorough skin care regimen that takes care of all your needs, from skin protection to hydration and cleansing. We know that nourished, supple, and elastic skin is less likely to develop wrinkles and fine lines as time goes on. That’s why our aloe vera skin care products are perfect for anyone looking for a natural way to combat aging and have the healthiest skin of their lives.

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    Feel the difference a skin care routine can make when it comes to your skin’s health. Naturally Lindy is proud to offer skin care products that work from head to toe to give you the softest and most radiant skin. Shop now to choose the perfect skin care regimen for yourself, or buy a kit for a friend. We look forward to hearing how much improvement you see in your complexion!

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