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  • Skin Care for men by Lindy Batis-Walsh Written on March 20017

    Years ago men would never think about skin care. It is a different world now. Men are now looking for natural products and facials to keep them looking young.

    So many of my clients' husband's are saying to their wife "you look so good , why do you look young and have such nice skin. They answer Naturally Lindy Skin Care and Lindys Healing Facials.

     I must say 1/3 of my clients are men. They really enjoy the relaxation and leave with a healthy glow. People started to comment on how good their skin looks they say that he looks 10 years younger. Then his friends come, they want to look young too and so on and so on.

    So come on in men, you are not alone. Treat yourself to beautiful skin.
    We also do back-shuls to remove blemishes or irritation. Be well, many Blessings.

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  • Don't be fooled in winter that you are not getting the sun, you can still burn.

    Winter is here, even though it's cloudy and overcast, the sun comes through and it can burn you. So please wear sunscreen. Don't forget your hands especially when you drive. Where gloves when you drive, the sun will give you brown spots. Your hands show your age. So if you don't want brown spots on your hands and keep them soft and pretty, wear sunscreen. Blessings to all.

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