About Naturally Lindy Skin Care


Suffering from severe acne and getting no help from the “experts,” Lindy became a licensed aesthetician to figure out how to heal her own skin. To deepen her knowledge and skills, Lindy obtained certifications in nutrition, reflexology, and kinesiology (aka “muscle testing”), and she studied both the traditional lore and emerging scientific evidence about the healing properties of natural ingredients derived from the earth, such as minerals, seaweeds, clays, vitamins, oils and plants, with a special emphasis on aloe vera - a veritable "super food" for the skin, and the first ingredient in most Naturally Lindy products. The aloe vera in Naturally Lindy products is sourced from what we believe to be the very best farm and is the highest quality and potency. Learn more about our aloe vera.


While working day-to-day as an aesthetician, Lindy tried to find the best natural skin care products for her practice and herself, but she found that the existing products fell short, and certain products that she envisioned didn’t even exist. Lindy began experimenting with making her own products and found she would need to have a deeper understanding of chemistry. A lifelong learner, Lindy enrolled in a series of chemistry classes at her local community college and Naturally Lindy Skin Care was born. And the commitment to education continues; as new advances are made in the science and art of skin care, Lindy has reformulated her products, ever perfecting the quality and efficacy of Naturally Lindy Skin Care.


From the beginning, Naturally Lindy products have been cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. 


So, what makes Naturally Lindy aloe vera so special?


It’s the way it is grown, and the care taken in harvesting and processing it in whole leaf form. Aloe vera plants are most productive at temperatures between 70° and 80° Fahrenheit, so we keep the greenhouses at just the right temperature for healthy, thriving plants. This allows the aloe plants to grow without experiencing any shock from climate change, resulting in the highest quality plants possible.


No pesticides or herbicides are used, and the plants are fed a multi-mineral mix that is adjusted regularly to fit the changing needs of the plants due to changing sun levels with the seasons. The plants literally “suck up” the nutrients and store them in their luscious gel and sap.


Experience the amazing power of aloe vera skin care by shopping our collection today. We have the top facial cleansers and moisturizers to hydrate your skin.