As a Facial Plastic Surgeon, and Director of Facial Plastic Surgery at the largest medical teaching institution in the world, I have come into contact with many estheticians and facial products. Lindy’s products are vastly superior to any that I had previously been exposed to...I cannot stress enough the importance of Plastic Surgeons collaborating with estheticians such as Lindy. Her knowledge and expertise in the treatment of skin enhances the final result for my patients. I am an expert in the area of facial rejuvenation using special surgical techniques as my tools—similarly Lindy is an expert in the care of skin with a vast array of natural products at her disposal. Lindy and I refer patients to one another to capitalize in each other’s expertise.

—Francis R. Palmer III, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Director of Facial Plastic Surgery, Head and Neck Surgical Department
University of Southern California School of Medicine
Beverly Hills, CA


I gave your products to a few of my patients who were receiving treatment for lung cancer. Two of them were receiving treatment (an antibody) to block epidermal growth factor receptors to stop the cancer growth. As you know epidermal growth factor is important in cell growth and survival, but unfortunately it is also related to increased cancer risk. One of the major side effects is skin reactions, frequently in the form of “acne-form rash.” The patients loved your aloe products. They helped to soothe the irritated skin if not heal it. I would love to do a study on your natural products.

—Patrice Gallagher, R.N.
University of Miami, FL


I have been using Naturally Lindy Skin Care for over 25 years and have no intention of changing. I love my skin and often get compliments. I am especially attached to the Cellular Day Cream and Hydrating Cream which are fragrance-free. They are the perfect match for my skin.

Thank You, Lindy, for all the good work you do and your wonderful products.  

—Rita F,  Greenwich, CT


I've been using Naturally Lindy Products for over 10 years. The Facial Wash and the Glycolic Moisturizers are amazing and if you use it consistently it will do wonders on your skin tone and any blemishes. The Facial Wash takes off all my make-up without that drying effect that you get from most facial soaps. I've referred many of my friends who suffer from eczema to Naturally Lindy products and they too continue to use her products. I suffered from horrible hyper-pigmentation until I started using Naturally Lindy products. Hands down it's the best stuff in the market place and far more affordable then most drug stores.

—Jessica U, San Francisco, CA 


Lindy is a wealth of knowledge, and she got back to me personally with my questions when I emailed her. I splurged on the whole range of products she specially suggested for my skin. They were so reasonable and the best I've ever used. I saw a difference within just a few weeks. What a discovery!

—Susan B, Santa Barbara, CA


I've been using Naturally Lindy products since I got my first pimple in my teens. I am now in my mid-twenties and have never had to use anything else. I have naturally dry skin and would not get through the winter months without Naturally Lindy products. 

—Lindsey R, Los Angeles, CA


Hands down you won't find a face soap on the market like Naturally Lindy's Facial Wash. It's highly moisturizing and doesn't leave a rough or dry feeling on your face. I've been using it for 15 years. It's affordable and I refuse to switch to another brand. I buy in bulk so I never run out. Thanks Lindy!

—Jennifer W, Portland, OR


I love all the Naturally Lindy skin care products. I can not live without the Facial Wash. It leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth, it even washes away my make-up and mascara! I love it so much and it's gentle enough that I use it on my kids. Thank You Lindy

—Jasmine R, NYC


Recently, I was at a friend’s house and she had your products, which I used for the first time. I absolutely loved them and had to order my own supply! After using the scrub, toner and moisturizer for the last few weeks, I have experienced a noticeable change. My skin is brighter, cleaner and more youthful looking. I am getting compliments on my skin all the time. I also use the Hydrating Cream and the amazing MSM Night Repair Cream. I have very sensitive skin, but never have a problem with Lindy's products.

—Alexandra D, Santiago, Chile


I have been using Naturally Lindy products for about 15 years and will continue to do so. With the help of Lindy and her wonderful products, I will continue to mature with grace and not spend my money on surgeons, but on great skin care products. My skin feels hydrated and smooth and it looks clear and fresh. Some of my favorites that I use daily are; Facial Wash, Fruit Tonic Toner, All Purpose Scrub and MSM Night Repair Cream.

—Jay C, Rancho Mirage, CA


I got a facial this past weekend in Tahoe while we were on vacation. While I was under the light, the lady said my skin looked so beautiful and wanted to know what I was using, I told her Naturally Lindy.

—Jen W, Austin, TX


The only problem is I have to buy in quantity because my husband and teens have discovered it too! I have tried many face washes, including very expensive ones, but never found one I liked as much as Lindy's Facial Wash. It leaves my skin soft and clean without that dry or tight feeling that so many others leave behind.

—Kes T, Los Angeles, CA


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your products. I always had great skin until last year when I turned 30, and all of a sudden, I was breaking out and scarring afterwards. I have spent so much money trying everything on the market for my skin. I heard about your products and ordered Facial Wash, Fruit Tonic Toner and MSM Night Repair Cream. I started using them for about a week. I had a total turnaround am so pleased with your products, and my scars are really fading. Thank you

—Anne R, NYC 


I have been using Naturally Lindy Skin Care products for over 15 years. My mom turned me on to them when I was a teenager with pimples. I am now in my mid thirties and still use all Lindy's products, now for aging, and I still love them. I now have a child of my own and yes, I use Lindy's products on her because they are so gentle, yet clean thoroughly. I especially like the MSM Night Repair Cream, Day Cream, and I love the Bio-Active Serum, it's a gem! So gentle, yet so nourishing

—Suzi K, Salt Water City, UT


I really love using Naturally Lindy Skincare! I have not had any breakouts or any discomforts from using any of Lindy's products. I appreciate the balance between nature and science that Lindy has researched and done for her products.

—Liz O, Beauty Blogger, Dallas, Texas